At TitanTech20, we believe every business should make a difference to those around it and its environment. Gone are the days of utilizing archaic methods to get the job done, not thinking about future generations after ours. We believe digitizing is the key to sustainability in an ever-technologically expanding world. Thus, we cater to digitization from start-ups as well as well-established companies.

We develop digital services that allow our clients to streamline their internal processes to a digital format utilized from any mobile device. Using our services, our clients have a cost-effective, instant method to track progress and aid their businesses in going green.

About our digital services:

  • Our digital services are web-based and run off a cloud platform, thus making it cost-effective for our clients.
  • We charge zero development costs when digitizing with us, nor charge for future changes on our digital services. We believe change is inevitable and can only improve your digital experience.

The benefits of digitizing with us:

  • No need to develop an application to digitize a singular or expansive task
  • Streamlining your daily operations in your establishment.
  • Flagging issues immediately to the correct departments.
  • Saving on labour costs.
  • Monitoring staff productivity and accountability.
  • Streamlining your guest relations.
  • Saving costs on office supplies and administration.
  • Aiding your establishment in going green
  • Monthly reports on your digital processes
  • Custom-developed digital services catered to your specific industry needs.
  • Enabling a 360-degree process internally

Examples of our digital services:

  • Logistics Industry – Vehicle Checks | Vehicle Trip Log Checks | Vehicle Maintenance Checks | Aviation Checks | Nautical Checks
  • Security Industry – Security Manager Visit Reports | Incident Reports | Property Visit Reports | Guard On Duty Reports | Firearm Checks | Self Defence Workshop Checks
  • Hospitality Industry – Hotel Duty Manager Reports | Duty Manager Room Checks | Barista Competency Checks | Mystery Guest Audits | Bar Stock Checks | Banqueting Venue Checks
  • Human Resources – Take-On Forms | Induction Forms | Employee Surveys | Training Forms | Recruitment Questionnaires | Company Wellness Surveys

What our Clients say about our Service

Dianne Oosthuizen
Dianne Oosthuizen
I was very impressed with the staff of Titan, I received speedy feedback on all my requirements.
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I recommend Titan for all your digitization and web designs.. Very well priced..
Karen Westerman
Karen Westerman
Excited to move forward with titantech20
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Great ideas!! 360 degrees outlook on business ideas and marketing.
Kyle Crafford
Kyle Crafford
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This company has helped me big time moving from another web-based company that couldn’t care less about a person’s conversion rate and is always helpful. Great company.
Michelle Hawthorne
Michelle Hawthorne
Awesome Service
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Creative design options and listened to my needs and requirements. Friendly and efficient. Definitely recommend 👌
Liana de Kock
Liana de Kock
Titan Tech 20 is a step above the rest!
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I have been working with Titan Tech20 for over a year now and have always found them to be extremely friendly and professional. I have had my business cards, advertisements and website designed by them and am over the moon with the results. Their ability to see outside the box will give any company the edge you need in this day and age, and they have proven a real asset to my business. TitanTech20 comes highly recommended.