Start-Ups Special Offer

If you’re considering starting a business, there’s no better company to partner with than TitanTech20. We’re the perfect choice for start-ups for several reasons: First and foremost, we’re extremely passionate about helping businesses get off the ground.

We understand start-ups’ challenges and obstacles, and we have the experience and expertise to help them overcome those challenges. We also offer a wide range of services that can benefit start-ups, from branding and marketing to web design and social media marketing.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure your start-up is set up for success from day one. In addition, we’re very flexible in our approach to working with start-ups. We understand that every business is different, and we’ll tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Finally, we believe strongly in the power of start-ups to change the world. We’re dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals and will be there with you every step.

See below our current Start-Up Offer to assist you in setting a proper foundation for your new venture.

Start-Up Hosting & Maintenance Package

We know it costs a lot to start a new start-up, so the below package will only become effective once your website goes live and will be effective for 12 months. On your businesses first birthday you will move over to our Web Hosting & Maintenance Package 1.

Hosting & Mainteance

R 300 Monthly
  • 20 Minutes Web Design Work
  • 1 Email Address Included
  • Email Support - Yes
  • WhatsApp Support - No
  • Telephonic Support - No

Start-Up Web Design

Our Start-Up Web Design Package includes the majority of items you might need to get your business started and off the ground and present a professional young start-up business.

Start-Up Web Design

R 6000 Once-Off
  • Logo Design
  • Facebook Account & Cover
  • LinkedIn Account & Cover
  • Email Banner
  • Excel Invoice
  • 2 Business Ads
  • Domain & SSL Certificate
  • Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy
  • Basic Web Protection
  • 3 Pages Included

Other Start-Up Services

At TitanTech20 we only team up with the best businesses to provide additional services to our clients and they are vetted before we refer clients to them. Below are some of the additional Start-Up Services that we offer at TitanTech20 and can be made use of during your start-up process.